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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Final front cover

This is my finished front cover. Overall i am very pleased of how it has turned out. I think it fits my criteria perfectly and will attract my target audiences attention.
My models head goes over the title but it is still easy to read and this is often the case in many music magazines. There is a slogan 'find your beat' which is directed to the audience. I have put the bar code, price and issue number all together out the way so it doesn't detract attention away from the rest of the page. The main story is highlighted by being much larger and also a totally different font which draws attention to it almost instantly. My text on both sides are justified which makes it look much neater. The 'plus' and 'and more' helps the reader to believe that it is full of music gossip and entertainment that they wont want to miss out from. The arrow like shape with 'Top 10 forgotten bands' helps to separate the text and make sure it gets read and doesn't just blend in. The same for the shapes around '128 songs that should be on your play list' it helps to ensure it gets read. The tag box across the top has 'win VIP tickets to see PINK in concert' this helps attract more people if they know they could win things. Especially fans of pink. I have stuck to three colours (black, orange and grey) so it matches well and looks tidy. I have also stuck to 4 fonts again so it looks tidy.

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