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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Images i could use for my article

These are some photographs of my model and reasons why i am going to use them and why i am not going to use them.

I am not going to use this image as i think it looks blurry. I also don't think my model takes up enough space on the photo as she is side on.

I don't think i will use this image as i don't like the background. It doesn't look very nice. Also my models face has went light off the flash.

I will use this picture in my article. I like the background and my model takes up a lot of space in the picture.

I like the background on this picture but i don't think i will use it as i don't like my models facial expression.

I will use this picture on my article as i like the pose my model is doing.

I like this photo it is a close mid shot which i think will look attractive on the front of my magazine.

I will use this picture in my article as i said that she has a new puppy. it will also be a change to my other photos.

I would like to use this picture it looks very homely. But i think it will be hard to use as her head goes right to the end of the photo and so does her legs.

I like this picture. I will use this in my article and it wont be hard to use as her head doesn't come right to the end of the page.

I am not using this mid shot of my model. I think she looks in an awkward position.

Front cover image

For my front cover i have decided to use this picture of my model. She is staring straight out too the camera which will catch the readers attention. I did alter it a bit. i cut out some of the outside as i wanted her face to be as big as possible on the cover. I edited the colour of her evey and lips to draw attention to her. I also got rid of a few blemishes. This is the picture i used before and after.

anaylisis of an article

This shows the common conventions of an article. It has a title which is a quote from the text which is in a much larger font to make sure it catches the readers attention. It then has a little introduction in a smaller font but bigger than the main text to explain more on what the article is about. the "w" at the start is a much larger font and a different colour which is common in magazines. The text is in three colunms which makes it look neat and eays to read. The font is clear and small so it can fit alot of text on with out it being hard to read. There is a quote from the text inbetween the main text. This is a common convention in magazines. It is a different colour and a different size font to make it eyecatching. There is pictures also to show what the text is about .

Preliminary Work

At the beginning of this year we had the chance to produce two bits of practice work. We had to create a front cover and a contents page for a school magazine. As we only had 2 hours to produce this i don't believe that it is to my best standards, but as we didn't have long i think that it was created well.

This is my front cover. I used the colours yellow and royal blue as those were the schools colours. My model on the front is the main story which is why her name 'Rachel Talbot' is in a larger font. I have used stories which attract people into reading the magazine such as 'record breaking results' etc. My other pictures are in yellow boxes and are tilted which breaks conventions of other magazines but it helps the stories stand out. I have a tag line on the bottom as this is a common convention in a magazine. I also have the title with a drop shadow which helps it too stand out and the logo of the school is used to show familiarity.

This is my contents page. It has the magazine name in the corner as this is a contents page common convention. In the top corner i have put a little more information about the magazine and have also put an image of the front cover and numbers to show where the cover stories are in the magazine. Again i used the house style colours of Blue and Yellow to keep my magazine consistent. On the left hand side i have a column with a list of things that feature in the magazine. The numbers are in consecutive order so it flows and whenever there is a story which i have put on the front cover i have made it clear that it is a cover story in case people were really interested on what was on the cover and want to read that straight away. On the right hand side i have wrote about another story in more detail to get readers interested and want to skip forward and read more on that subject. I have also put contact details of the school on the magazine as i feel a school magazine would do this for the parents and pupils benefits.

My main article

I am producing an article on my cover girl to be inside my magazine. I have decided to do a 4 page spread on my made up singer 'Brooke Sawyer'. She is new to the music industry which will catch my intended audience as they said in the questionnaire that they would like to hear about new bands/artists. The article is going to be about her past and how she became who she is today.
This will be my article.
We all know her as the ‘Life’s too short lets go crazy’ rock chick. What we didn’t know is her past. Here is her story from parents, friendships and boyfriends to Fame, drugs, and alcohol.

Brooke Sawyer has been famous since being able to walk. From the age of two she had appeared in many advertisements and by the age of fourteen she had appeared in seven different films, leaving her with more money in the bank than all the girls in her class put together. So why did she feel so alone in life, girls her age would kill for the lifestyle she had made for herself.

I loved life at the age of thirteen. I didn’t have a care in the world. I enjoyed school, my friends were amazing, and I was working with some of Hollywood’s greatest actors and actresses. Money was coming in well and I could provide for myself which sounds weird as I had just became a teenager, but I loved the fact that I could get what I wanted without having to save up or beg to my parents. I had been in the media since I was two and I loved it. I used to practise my poses in my mums mirror for my next advertisement. At the age of six I used to love the fact that I was on billboards around Manhattan and so did my friends. I have boxes full in the attic with every advertisement I have ever done. Looking back, even though I loved it at the time, now I think that a lot of things that have happened during my past would not have occurred if I wasn’t in the public eye from a very young age.
When I joined high school I socialised with the wrong people. By now people in my new school were beginning to recognise me so making friends wasn’t hard. It was picking the people who were genuine which was my problem. Jenny a girl from my class became very close to me. We did everything together; we were like the real life mean girls. One day there were so many people wanting to sit at our steps at lunch we decide to hold auditions for people who could be our friends. After all this we had created a group of ten girls who were knowing as the popular girls at the steps, everyone wanted to sit with us. Jenny and I made a set of rules on how to fit in with us. It sounds so pathetic now. There were rules such as ‘don’t talk to the nerdy table unless they offer to do our homework.’ ‘I have the decision of what boy you are allowed to date.’ ‘You had to have one item of designer clothing on’, which wasn’t a problem for me but these poor girls would save up all the money they could to afford to shop in Bendels and wear designer clothes I wore. I was such a bitch!
One day Jenny and I decided to try out for the cheerleading squad, this would get us noticed by all the cute jocks in school. So we turned up hoping we would both make the squad, but we didn’t. I did because my back handspring was perfection. Jenny didn’t get in, she was too nervous; she slipped whilst doing a simple round off. I still decided to take my place, as it was very rare for a senior cheerleading captain to pick a freshman to join her squad. So I promised Jenny we would still be best friends, but being on the cheerleading squad means we would be more popular and get invited to all the seniors’ parties.
Even though I said we would stay friends it didn’t happen. I wanted to go out every night with all my older friends and Jenny just wanted to be a normal fifteen-year-old girl, having sleepovers, watching films and eating candy. Instead I wanted to go out, get drunk and experiment with boys. After joining the cheerleading squad I turned totally fake, the person I was pretending to be was totally opposite to the person who I was. I turned into the stereotypical cheerleader. I bet I was hated by a lot of people, and if you are reading this sorry if I was mean too you.
I loved being on the cheerleading squad but it did mess my education up. I was practising after school then going home and getting ready to go to my ‘friends’ house and party or go to basketball matches then party afterwards. I had no time for homework. You would think any normal parents would notice that their child was failing in just about every lesson but my parents weren’t normal. My mom was always at work and my dad worked away from home he was only back for a week every month and when he did come back he used to go out most night with my mom and their friends to catch up. My aunt was like my real guardian but I didn’t see her much. She is just like my agent, sorts out my jobs etc. She doesn’t live close so we were only in touch by phoning and emailing each other, but she would come to all the castings and auditions she signed me up too.
It was the 22nd of May and my sixteenth birthday was just a week away. My huge group of friends and I had planned to have a house party as my parents were away as usual and having a seven bed roomed house was a bit extreme for a sleepover with three friends. The full senior year was coming. I invited my friends from tenth grade, which actually wasn’t many since a left them all for my older friends. I did ring Jenny but she was sleeping over at one of her new friend’s house so I decided I would ring her on the day, as she didn’t live that far away anyway. I was sure she would come.
The day before my birthday I went shopping and bought a tiny black vintage dress. I knew I would get noticed. I also told my older friends to get as much alcohol as they can. I needed it to be the best house party ever. All my friends began to arrive at around six, half the people I didn’t even know but I still allowed them in anyway. The more people the more noticeable I will be. Everyone in Manhattan will know Brooke Sawyer! And many of the boys can say they have kissed Brooke Sawyer. I acted so promiscuous, looking back I was disgusting.
Well it got to nine o clock so I decided to ring Jenny but her mom answered the phone. I was so drunk I could barley talk so she wouldn’t let me speak to her. From then on Jenny hadn’t been able to hang out with me. I was supposedly a bad influence, which I found really hard to believe at the time but now I know why her parents felt that way. No way would I want my child being best friends with someone like me.
Later on that night I was stumbling around my house when a boy from the soccer team pulled me aside and gave me a small packet of white powder then shouted ‘happy birthday’. Soon after I discovered that this was cocaine. Being under the influence of so much alcohol I couldn’t control my actions. With no hesitation I stumbled straight to the bathroom, locked the door and snorted it straight off the toilet seat. I barely remember the rest of the night. Waking up the next morning in my bathroom collapsed around my toilet, I looked to the floor and I knew I had taken the full bag of coke. It was empty. I was dreading going back to school to hear all the stupid things I was doing. I was also dreading seeing the boy from the soccer team again. I was so embarrassed!
Monday came quicker than ever before. I was hoping my aunt would ring and say I had a casting but she didn’t. When I got to school it wasn’t that bad, I was still slightly hungover but no one came up to me saying, ‘Heyyyy! Remember when you were sick on me on Saturday’ I would have felt so ashamed of myself. I was walking to my car when I felt some one grab my arm, I thought it was just one of my friends, or hopefully Jenny, but it wasn’t. It was Nate from the soccer team asking if I wanted any more coke. I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t. I just slammed the car door and drove away, but all the way home I was thinking of how great I felt straight after taking the drugs and that one more packet wont get me addicted it would just make me feel good.
Before I new it the weekend came and I was invited to a huge party at Le Deux, lots of young celebrities would be there, so I decided too get my self all dressed up so I actually looked old enough and party the night away. I decided to get in touch with Nate thinking one small bag of cocaine wouldn’t do any harm. One bag every party changed to one bag every weekend then lead to one bag every other day. My worst fear came quicker than ever. I become addicted!
My school friends didn’t like being my friend anymore. Even though they took drugs and drank alcohol they didn’t do it as frequently as me. I had taken it too far. So my new friends were all over the age of twenty one, they thought I was too, and all partied just about every night. They were just as bad as me, some even worse, but too us we acted normal it was all the other boring people who were abnormal in our eyes.
Eight months of frequent hangovers and aching feet had past and my parents started noticing my bank account dropping. I always said I didn’t want to spend it until I was eighteen but since they weren’t around I had no one to stop me.
My parents ended up ringing Jenny to ask what had been going on and they found out everything. I hated Jenny for this but I know that she only did it because she was worried. I am actually thankful now because if she hadn’t of told them I would probably be lying in bed with a huge hangover right now. With a fight, my parents finally got me into a rehab centre that I had to stay in over night for three month. It cost a bomb but it was worth it in the end. I hated it to begin with they were constantly calling me addicted but in my mind I was no where near that stage, after a month of being in the centre I knew that I had a problem and it had to be sorted out. It took nearly four months for me to feel like I never ever want to be involved with drugs again. The people at the rehab centre wouldn’t allow anyone to leave unless they were fully convinced they were going to stay clean. After three months my parents came in for a meeting about when I was going to come out and we all decided that moving away from New York would be the best thing for me. My parents were thinking California but I knew I wanted to move further so I decided I wanted to move to England.
I had friends over in London so I got in touch and moved over as quickly as I could. My parents were worried I would go back to my old ways but I didn’t and all my friends new my past so they helped to make sure I stayed clean. My 17th birthday was coming along and I decided to go out for a meal with my new English friends. I didn’t want it to be as bad as my last birthday. This night was when I met my lovely boyfriend James, he has been so great over this year making sure I am always happy and never feel as though I need drink or drugs to make me feel better.
James and I have just come back from visiting my parents last month for my eighteenth birthday and have decided to buy our first home together just outside of London so it is much quieter. It is just a little flat but I we have made it all cosy and we love it. There is also a field just outside so we can take our cute new puppy out there when he gets a bit older.
I hit rock bottom but now I am back! I am all settled so I decided that it is a brilliant time to bring out my new album. I have been singing since I was nine and I love playing the piano so my record producer and I have been working very hard this year to produce some fab songs that I know all you readers are going to love. So guys get your self out to the shops and buy it! It has a range of different music to suit many different peoples music taste. I have a bit of rock, which shows my inner rock chick attitude. Then a bit of country music for the country lovers, and also a bit of R&B because I love that type of music, Its great to dance too and always gets a party started. I even have some rap on my album because Pharrell wrote me a song and also features in it. So all those Pharrell lovers can buy my album too! I have had so much fun making this album and next month my first music video is coming out which I am so excited about. It is a totally different atmosphere making a music video too acting in a film. It is much more relaxed. I also get to pick who I want to be in my video which is good, I think I am going to let my puppy be in it he will look so cute, But at the moment he is quite naughty he just bites any one that comes near him. So after a few puppy classes he should be trained to like people.
I had an amazing team to help produce the video and my backup dancers were great. I love to watch professional dancers they look great and their dance is always in time with each other and the music. It took me a while to become as good at our dance as the group of dancers were. We practiced so hard now I can do the dance in my sleep.
Well I’m loving everything that is going on in my life at the minute, everything is coming together like a jigsaw. It would take a lot to change me from how happy I am at the minute. You could make me even happier though by going to buy my new album when it comes out.

Album cover

I decided to put a bit extra production work into my coursework by designing a album cover. On mojo magazines contents page they have album reviews so i decided i could make one to put on my contents page. Here is what i produced.

i think it will be good to use in my magazine as it looks like an r&b/pop style cd which is what type of music my magazine is targeting.


For my main article i decided to ask a friend to model for me as i took lots of photos of her so my photography could be original. I will use these photos on my front page, contents and my main article. I also took photos of other people so i had more photos to put on my contents page. I decided only to have one image on my front cover as research of other front covers show that it is popular to have only one picture on the cover of a music magazine. I will have more pictures on my contents page to show what else is going to be in my magazine. Here are some examples of my photographs.