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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Questionnaire 2

We handed out a questionnaire to 30 people to find out what we should and shouldn't have in our film trailer.

How often do you watch horror films?
1. Everyday
2. Once a week
3. Once a month
4. Occasionally
5. Never

2 people picked everyday
8 people picked once a week
12 people picked once a month
7 people picked occasionally
1 person picked never

What do you think are the main conventions of a horror film?
1. Monsters
2. Blood
3. Death
4. Suspense
5. Ghosts

1 people picked monsters
7 people picked bloods
11 people picked death
7 people picked suspense
4 people picked ghosts

What do you think makes a good location for a horror film?
1. Beach
2. Forest
3. Graveyard
4. School
5. House

2 people picked beach
11 people picked forest
6 people picked graveyard
2 people picked school
9 people picked house

Who do you prefer to be a victim in a horror film?
1. Male
2. Female

12 people picked school
18 people picked house

What name sounds suitable for a horror film?
1. Sweetdreams
2. Midnight
3. Nightmare
4. Party House

12 people picked sweetdreams
5 people picked midnight
7 people picked nightmare
6 people picked party house

Should the trailer be in chronological order?
1. Yes
2. No

9 people picked yes
21 people picked no

What time period do you like a horror film to be in?
1. Olden days
2. Future
3. Present

6 people picked olden days
5 people picked future
19 people picked present

What makes you scared? (Pick 3)
1. Gore
2. Storms
3. Chase sequences
4. Screams
5. Ghosts
6. Blood
7. Weapons

Gore 19 points
Storms 3 points
Chase sequences 25 points
Screams 23 points
Ghosts 10 poins
Blood 5 poins
Weapons 5 points

Who do you like to see the most of?
1. The Hero
2. The Villain
3. The Helper
4. The Victim

9 people picked the hero
12 people picked the villan
1 people picked the helper
8 people picked the victim

What camera angles do you think are most effective in a horror film? (Pick 2)
1. Close up
2. Extreme close up
3. long shot
4. tilt
5. medium shot

close up 24 points
extreme close up 9 points
long shot 12 points
tilt 5 points
medium shot 10 points

What sound effects help to add tension to the film? (Pick 2)
1. Explosions
2. Wind
3. creaking
4. Bangs
5. Screams
6. whispering

Explosions 5 points
wind 9 points
creaking 12 points
bangs 12 points
screams 12 points
whispering 10 points

What is your favourite horror film?

We got a range of answer but 'the grudge' 'the ring' and 'hostel' were noted a few times.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

'Get Carter'

In school we were shown a scene from the film 'Get Carter' where we were then giving a script and we had to annotate it with as much information as possible. Things like camera angles, movement, sound, mise-en-scene. Then we were giving a tripod and a camera and in a group we had to remake the scene. This was to help practice our filming. As we were in school we had a limited choice of locations so we had to plan what would be best to do first.
I worked with Rachel Talbot, Rachel Allan, Sophie Liddle, Steph Ingram and Nicolle Kelly, where we each took it in turns recording. I played Jack, while Rachel Talbot played Albert.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Review on 'your film'

Our media class was lucky enough to get two film makers who set up their own film production company to give us a lecture on tips and tricks on producing a film. They were very helpfull and i will keep in mind all the things they were saying.


(ideas, concepts, scripts, storyboards, planning, permissions, budgets, casting, crew-up, pre-interviews, research,define roles and responsibilities, location scouting.)

We need to plan well, set realistic goals, map out a schedule, allow for set backs, be bold and aim high. we must be creative with our ideas, storyboards aren't the most important thing but planning is very important. When picking the cast make sure the people are reliable and will turn up to all the filming when needed.


(filming, sound recording)
Make sure you stick to the plan. Take more then one take just in case.


(video capture, logging, video editing, sound design, music, graphics, design, effect, titles, animations, voice over, sound effects, foley)

Make sure the music goes with the scene.

Stick to your plans all along, and use common conventions.

Things To Remember

Tape, disks, memory card, charged battery, tripod and tripod plate
Turn of the record light!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

A2 Proposal

For my practical production I am working in a group with Rachel Allan and Rachel Talbot. Together we are going to produce a horror film trailer, a magazine cover and a poster. We chose horror as the genre as we all enjoy watching horror films and the questionnaire we gave out showed that horror film was the favourite genre so we thought it would be a good experience putting our ideas together to produce a horror film that will be able to compete with other films such as, The Grudge, The Ring and Orphan.

Together we have brainstormed a range of different ideas for our storyline. Here are scans of our notes.

We are going to use actors that we know will be reliable as we don't want to be let down and set our work back. We have decided that we will go out looking for a range of locations to shoot our film as we want a lot of different locations. To make our trailer look like a real product i will look at different trailers and take note of the common conventions. I will also look at camera angles, editing, mise-en-scene and sound to give me a feel into what i should be working towards.

Questionnaire 1

First of all we wanted to find out what genre of film we were wanting to do a trailer for. We gave out a a question to 30 people to find out what we should produce.

What is your favourite genre of film?
1. Horror
2. Comedy
3. Thriller
4. Romance
5. Adventure

12 people picked horror
5 people picked comedy
2 people picked thriller
9 people picked romance
2 people picked adventure

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summary of year 12

In year twelve I believe I got a great AS result although i do believe with a little bit of extra work i could have boosted my mark up a little bit more. I think that if i had of gave my self more revision time for the text it would have boosted up my marks.
On the positive side i think my practical work was produced very well. Again i worked with a partner and together we produced a good collection of practical work. Working in a group helped me to co-ordinate my tasks better. I had to make sure we both had equal amounts of work to do. We also had to make sure we both liked the work we produced and that we had done it to our best standard.
From last year i learnt a lot in photography skills, framing the camera and the angles, and editing pictures. I also learnt how to research different products that you will have to compete with.
If I had the chance to do this again I would probably create more time for planning as i noticed that for a project like this it needs a lot of planning to run smoothly.