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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Review on 'your film'

Our media class was lucky enough to get two film makers who set up their own film production company to give us a lecture on tips and tricks on producing a film. They were very helpfull and i will keep in mind all the things they were saying.


(ideas, concepts, scripts, storyboards, planning, permissions, budgets, casting, crew-up, pre-interviews, research,define roles and responsibilities, location scouting.)

We need to plan well, set realistic goals, map out a schedule, allow for set backs, be bold and aim high. we must be creative with our ideas, storyboards aren't the most important thing but planning is very important. When picking the cast make sure the people are reliable and will turn up to all the filming when needed.


(filming, sound recording)
Make sure you stick to the plan. Take more then one take just in case.


(video capture, logging, video editing, sound design, music, graphics, design, effect, titles, animations, voice over, sound effects, foley)

Make sure the music goes with the scene.

Stick to your plans all along, and use common conventions.

Things To Remember

Tape, disks, memory card, charged battery, tripod and tripod plate
Turn of the record light!

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