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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Summary of year 12

In year twelve I believe I got a great AS result although i do believe with a little bit of extra work i could have boosted my mark up a little bit more. I think that if i had of gave my self more revision time for the text it would have boosted up my marks.
On the positive side i think my practical work was produced very well. Again i worked with a partner and together we produced a good collection of practical work. Working in a group helped me to co-ordinate my tasks better. I had to make sure we both had equal amounts of work to do. We also had to make sure we both liked the work we produced and that we had done it to our best standard.
From last year i learnt a lot in photography skills, framing the camera and the angles, and editing pictures. I also learnt how to research different products that you will have to compete with.
If I had the chance to do this again I would probably create more time for planning as i noticed that for a project like this it needs a lot of planning to run smoothly.

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