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Wednesday, 28 January 2009


We decided to put a range of fonts onto a peice of paper and hand them out too 30 people to see what fonts would be eyecatching and attractive to our target audience.

The fonts that were most popular were:

  • Frankling Gothic Heavy.

  • Gills Sans

  • Eras bold itc or Eras Demi ITC

  • Century gothic

  • Script MT Bold

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Front Cover Poses

Looking at different magazine covers i have noticed that Marjorie Ferguson was correct in identifying four types of facial expressions that occur in most magazines.


This is of a full face with a wide open smile with teeth visable. The Head is foward and the chin is back. Hair is oftern wind blown and suggests 'Look at me' approach.


On this pose the emphasis is on the eyes. The mouth is shut with only a hint of a smile, head to one side slightly. The mood is suggestive of mischief or mystery, the hint of contact potential rather than sexual promise.

Romantic or Sexual

Dreamy, heavy-lidded and unsmiling. Overtly sensual or sexual. The projected moods are possibly 'available' and definitely 'available'.

Chocolate Box

Half or full smile, lips together or slightly parted and teeth barely visible. Full or three-quarter face to camera. Projected mood is blandly pleasing, warm bath warmth, where uniformity of features in their smooth perfection is devoid of uniqueness or of individuality.