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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Final contents page

This is my finished contents page. I have kept the same fonts and colours to make sure my magazine is consistent in style. Overall i believe it has been successful.

This is my contents page. I decided to put an orange strip down one side to separate the cover stories from the other stories. This is because I wanted readers to easily be able to find the correct page for the cover stories as that is what has attracted them to the magazine in the first place. I put the title of my magazine in the same style so it would stand out. I also tilted it so it was different from the over text. As my cover stories are most important I wrote extra about them underneath, as this is a common convention in music magazines. I have put them in chronological order so it isn't confusing. All the other pictures have been put on an orange background so it fits in with the colour scheme and makes it look tidier.

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