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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Analysis of another horror trailer

The next trailer i decided to analyse was 'Orphan'


It started off with a big white house and it was snowing, the colour red seemed to have been drained out taking the warmth out of the shot. The white could suggest vulnerability as it is the victims house. The shot of the school looks happy, it creates an equilibrium. Then when Esther is sitting in the class room alone it suggests she is lonely. When Esther joins the new class all the pupils are staring at her. Again showing she is lonely. When Esther is in the toilet cubicle it is a small enclosed space shows connotations of the character being trapped. This links well with the storyline as she is trapped in a child's body. Esther seems to wear a lot of dark clothing which represents that she is a dark character. The rooms are all dark and the weather is raining and dull and gloomy, this helps create an atmosphere.


It starts with quiet strings with some piano chords added in. It is slow at first but builds up and is happy during the start to go with the equilibrium. The keys become lower when Esther gets angry. We also hear the children laughing at her. The bangs have been edited to make them sound louder and scarier and give the audience a fright. There is a sound that sounds like wind blowing when the location changes. The music builds up to a big bang then goes quiet and we here Esther scream very loud. The music dims down to let us here the voice over. after hearing 'i think there's something wrong with Esther' we here the swings creaking. This gives a creepy effect to the trailer. The music starts to get faster once bad events start occurring. There is fast banging to go with the fast cuts. It ends with Esther singing which creates a scary tone.

Camera shots/ movements and angles

Establishing shots are used a lot to show the location of the scene. There are also a lot of close up shots used when people are talking to each other. This helps to show the emotions. There is a extreme close up of Esther and the Mother first holding hands when the voice over says 'connection'. There is a shot of the family in the car. The camera is directly above the car. This could show vulnerability. The camera is also above Esther when she is going crazy in the toilet cubicle. This could show us as viewers peering over to watch her. The camera is at a low angle looking up at Esther to make her look powerful. It pans up to a very high angle when on the mother to show she is vulnerable. Another way Esther is mad to look scary is by using a close up of her staring straight into the camera.


There are a lot of quick cuts used. This makes it look more exciting. Fades are used a lot to indicate change in location and also to fade to white to allow the writing on the screen visible. The screen goes all black when the voice over is on. There is slow motion running used to give a sympathetic view on the mother. A jump cut from a long shot to a mid shot of Ester is also used.

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