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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Preliminary Work

At the beginning of this year we had the chance to produce two bits of practice work. We had to create a front cover and a contents page for a school magazine. As we only had 2 hours to produce this i don't believe that it is to my best standards, but as we didn't have long i think that it was created well.

This is my front cover. I used the colours yellow and royal blue as those were the schools colours. My model on the front is the main story which is why her name 'Rachel Talbot' is in a larger font. I have used stories which attract people into reading the magazine such as 'record breaking results' etc. My other pictures are in yellow boxes and are tilted which breaks conventions of other magazines but it helps the stories stand out. I have a tag line on the bottom as this is a common convention in a magazine. I also have the title with a drop shadow which helps it too stand out and the logo of the school is used to show familiarity.

This is my contents page. It has the magazine name in the corner as this is a contents page common convention. In the top corner i have put a little more information about the magazine and have also put an image of the front cover and numbers to show where the cover stories are in the magazine. Again i used the house style colours of Blue and Yellow to keep my magazine consistent. On the left hand side i have a column with a list of things that feature in the magazine. The numbers are in consecutive order so it flows and whenever there is a story which i have put on the front cover i have made it clear that it is a cover story in case people were really interested on what was on the cover and want to read that straight away. On the right hand side i have wrote about another story in more detail to get readers interested and want to skip forward and read more on that subject. I have also put contact details of the school on the magazine as i feel a school magazine would do this for the parents and pupils benefits.

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