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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Magazine analysis

The next magazine i will analyse is Vibe which features Mariah Carey on the cover. The colours used are bright summer colours as it is a summer issue. The main colours used is orange, yellow, black and white to keep it simple. Vibe stands out as the font is bold and the letters are spread out so it is easier to read. Hooks for inside stories along the top of the magazine which is a common convention of a magazine. The text is justified to make the text look neat and tidy. The price, bar code, date and website are together at one side so it doesn't detract the attention from the rest of the cover. The font for 'Mariah Carey' is totally different so it stands out as she is the main story. They use pink so it is different to the rest of the texts. The photo of Mariah Carey is a sexual pose. She is wearing a bikini which is very revealing and shows her curves. The use Mariah Carey on the front as she is an attractive female and Naomi Wolf (1990) said erotic images of women are used to sell products to women.

Contents page

This contents page is from 'Q' magazine. It also has a simple colour scheme which consists of a white background with black and red text which helps to make the text stand out. There is one large close up of an artist which is the main image, it is a dominant picture and the readers cant stop them self looking at it. This is common in music magazines to only have a little pick of pictures. It is set out in two sections, which is obviously recognisable with common readers. This helps make it easy to find what they are looking for straight away. The little arrow at the bottom shows there is more over the page. There is little hooks for stories under the headings to help engage the readers.

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