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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Magazine Analysis

I am going to analyse a selection of music magazines to see what conventions they use and which ones i will use in my magazine.

The first magazine i am going to analyse is Blender which features Britney Spears as the cover girl. They use only two colours (orange and purple) to keep it simple so it doesn't look tacky. Three fonts which are clear and easy readable are used which is a common convention for magazines. 'Blender' is bold and much larger so it stands out as it is the name of the magazine. There is a strike through the name which makes it memorable and recognisable. Half of 'Blender' is covered and there is writing on top of Britney's head but we don't loose any of the photograph and it is a well known magazine so it can afford to loose some of the title and it is still clear what magazine it is. There is a bar code and a website together at one side so it doesn't detract the attention from the rest of the cover. There is also a website shown which gives extra information about the magazine. There is hooks for stories that are featured inside the magazine, this is a common convention for magazines to have hooks above the magazine name. 'Special report' is in an arrow pointing towards Britney Spears which shows who the 'special report' is about it also makes it sound exclusive. There is a bolder and much larger font used for 'how will it end?' this helps draw attention and makes the reader want to know how it is actually going to end. is there to encourage readers to visit the website to find out more. Name dropping lots of different celebrities to appeal to a wider audience and makes the magazine sound full of gossip interviews and articles. 'plus' Shows there is even more inside. A sexual pose is used of Britney as she has no clothes on just a sheet to cover her. She has alot of flesh on show and is staring straight at the camera. There is props such as a mickey mouse hat, cigarettes and a redbull can used to show the ups and downs in Britney's life. They are used to tell a story.

Double page spread

This is a double page spread from a music magazine. It is on a white background so that the text is easy to read. The font is simple, black and small so it is easy to make out what it says. The questions are highlighted in a lime green colour to separate them from the rest of the text. Also the names of the respondent is in a green text and highlighted black so it is clear who is answering.
There is an introductory paragraph to help explain who the people are, this starts of with a bigger font for the letter 'T' which is also in green which stands out. This is a common convention in magazines. The picture is a mid shot of two people from the band, It is in black and white which also helps the green color stand out. It is very large and takes up most of the space on the pages. There is also quotes fron the text that are much larger and highlighted, these act as hooks to try and engage the reader into the story.

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