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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Synopsis of our storyline

Our main characters in the story will be three girls. Angelica (played by Jodi Zoric), Katie (played by Sarah Maddison) and Grace (played by Amy Etherington). Angelica will be new to the other girls school. She Will be the unpopular geeky character that people are weary about. Katie and Grace are both popular girls that find bullying and embarrassing other people amusing. Leading to them trying to embarrass Angelica. Katie is the leader, the more bossier character that Grace looks up too. The story will start with Katie inviting Angelica to a sleepover, where they have planned to put some kind of drug in her drink to make her make a fool out of her self. Angelica takes a big reaction to the drug and falls resulting in a blow to the head leaving her unconscious. Both girls panic as they believe she is dead but then Katie decides they must get rid of the body. Grace being the more softer character has doubts and cant feels as though she cant keep the secret. Incidents start occurring where the girls will be in frightening unexpected situations. We will leave the audience guessing as to who the villain really is as this is common in teaser trailers.

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Anonymous said...

ooo this sounds scary. Great idea!!