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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Audience feedback

We decided to ask two boys and two girls to watch our trailer to get feedback on our final product. These are the questions we asked and the answers we got.

Did you enjoy our teaser trailer?
BOY 1: Yes i found it very entertaining.
Girl 2: yes i enjoyed watching it.

Would you go and see the full film if it became available?
Boy 2: Definitely i would love too i love horror films. I really want to find out the ending.
Girl 2: Yes i would i want to know what happens to Angelica. I hope she gets her own back.
Girl 1@ yes but i don't know if i could watch it without hiding behind my hands.

What did you enjoy most about our trailer?
Girl 1: I loved the ending how you think it is finished then you get a big fright at the end.
Boy 2: There was a running scene where Katie runs past the camera and the camera follows, i love that shot.
Girl 2: I thought that using the MSN messenger scene was a good idea because it seems realistic since everyone chats on MSN now.

Is there anything we could have done better?
Boy 1: Although it is a good idea i think the MSN scene was a bit to long. If you could have you should have shortened it a little bit.

What did you think about the music?
Girl 1: I loved the music. Its a catchy upbeat song, it goes well with the excitement of the trailer. Boy 2: I thought it was a good idea that you chose to use a song and not just some scary music. It makes it different but in a good way.

What did you think about the characters?
Boy 1: It is different from other films as there seems to be only three characters, there might be a bit more in the film, but i think it is a good idea that you can concentrate more and get to know each character.
Girl 1: I like how its girls as it gives a more girly theme to the horror genre as stereotypically its a male genre, but obviously males would go and see it to watch the girls as they are all pretty.

What did you think about the locations?
Girl 2: By using the bedrooms it gives a more personal feel to it. You could imaging your self in the situation in your own house. Its scary.
Boy 2: I like the forest locations. It makes it seem more scary.

What did you think about the camera shots and angles?
Girl 1: I loved the extreme close up of Angelica's face. It is very creepy. Also the close ups lets the audience get up close the the characters allowing them to experience their emotions.
Girl 2: The angle where it looks as if Angelica is looking up at Katie and Grace is good as they look very powerful. It helps put you in Angelica's position and makes you feel very inferior.

What did you think about the edits?
Boy 1: There is a very fast flash cut before the pictures fall and it makes it look really good.
Boy 2: I like the fades it shows when locations change, it looks good.
Girl 2: The cuts are fast, helps build up the excitment.

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